Naruto  Rasengan


Gta Sa Shinobi World

GTA Naruto Shinobi World


GTA San Andreas Naruto Shinobi World 

Feature: collection from several Naruto mods  till 2011.
From additional mods, google it or check this blog.

Control in game:
Press G : appears cobblestone click LMB to throw;
Click on TAB + Q or TAB + E - change the skins (TOBI, Madara and Kakuzu);
When clicking on the N + and turns back to Toby, in this mode can do:
Shadow clone - key J +1;
Substitution - the keys J +2;
To exit - key J + C;
When you click on O - Katon Goukakyuu No Jutsu;
When you click on F7 - lightning;
When you log into the water squeeze on Y - now walk on water, to exit press N;
When clicking on the K + T - call for a sword;
If you come right up to the passer or Kopu and press P, then we do HENGE NO Jutsu (Technique of Rebirth);
If you hold down the RMB and click on F, then we can fight at once 3 wrestling - boxing, kung fu, Teykvando;
When you click on NUM 5 + NUM X do Sutemi.
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