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Cj's Super

Fly Mod

Super CJ mod 

1. Super CJ mod 

gang members can fly
2. (converted to CLEO mod by Goin-God)


 3. Fly mod 
Fly mod 

Merge the content of the archive with your GTA: San Andreas installation folder (C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreas). 
Replace Parachute.ifp inside the file "gta3.img", located in the GTA San AndreasModels folder. You can use img tool. 
  • Press and hold [F] for a while to activate/deactivate.
  • [SECONDARY FIRE/ ACTION KEY] (while in air): enter fly mode.
  • [SPRINT]: accellerate.
  • [JUMP]: slow down.
  • [JUMP]+[AIM]: slow down fast.
  • [DIRECTIONAL KEYS]: steer.
  • [DIRECTIONAL KEYS]+[AIM]: steer slightly. 
  • [ENTER]: exit fly mode.

4. Fly Like A Bird 
(replace Jet pack)
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