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Tsukuyomi V3 [Mangekyou Sharingan]

Tsukuyomi V3
Tsukuyomi V2

This is Mods Jutsu For Gta San Andreas "Tsukuyomi"

The Most Powerfull Genjutsu in existance.

It is Unique From Uchiha Clan And Only those with the Mangekyou Sharingan
Can perform it,it is said to represent the "spiritual World Of The Darkness"
(Seishinkai to Yami) Tsukuyomi requires eye contact to be performed.
When executed,the technique traps the target in an illusion
that is completely controlled by the user
And the user is Uchiha Itachi

Note : Effect maybe you're Vga Card would be a bit Heavy
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How to Use Open Readme File Enjoy the Music
Download : Download Mod (12.3 MB)
Password : madaraanggara

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